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发布时间: 2016 - 07 - 12
发布时间: 2016 - 07 - 12
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案例名称: Testing Center
说明: Qualification certificationPass 100 Facts Laboratory Certification in 2014Testing equipmentThe company is equipped with world-class R&D center laboratories for raw materials, moulds, product testing and verification. The laboratory has the ability to test the physical and chemical properties of raw materials, the precise size of products and dies, and the functional properties of products. The total investment assets of the laboratory are more than 60 million, covering an area of 297 m2. It includes five laboratories: precision laboratory, physical laboratory, thermal analysis laboratory, chemical laboratory and conventional laboratory. The laboratory has 299 instruments, including 72 large-scale imported advanced detection instruments, such as the third dimension of Brown & Sharpe...
案例名称: Production base
案例名称: Professional tools
说明: The company is equipped with high-speed camera, stroboscope, digital torsion tester, digital micrometer, positioner and other professional technical service tools for after-sales technical departments--to assist in solving some common and difficult technical problems encountered in customer production.
案例名称: Technical talents
说明: Our company has a professional after-sales technical service team, after professional training, in addition to the company and the matching product function, characteristics of a better understanding of KRONES, SIDEL, PROCOMA, SIG and other filling equipment capping technology skilled, and through high-end professional tools to assist, product on-line high skew cap, cap, torque fluctuation, cap removal and other issues to solve unique insights, in the shortest possible time. Resolve the problem of bad product on-line, improve OEE, improve productivity, quality, reduce bad, and solve the problem for customers without worries
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