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发布时间: 2016 - 07 - 12
发布时间: 2016 - 07 - 12
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HeSheng Plastic Products co., LTD.

(I) Strong advantages of enterprise operation -- Advanced production equipment HeSheng Plastics Co., LTD is deeply aware of the importance of advanced production equipment for an enterprise that takes precision requirements and plastic products industry as its main business field. The company's main equipment from Japan, Italy, the United States, Switzerland and other countries and regions equipment.

(II) Development guarantee of the enterprise -- Complete quality management means HeSheng Plastic Products Co., LTD takes quality as the management focus of the enterprise, from raw material development to incoming inspection and manufacturer's guidance; From production process control to final product shipment inspection; From product structure design to customer technical service; A series of working procedures and norms have been established from the pursuit of defective products to the improvement of problems. Through the ISO quality system certification, so as to ensure the stability of product quality. In addition to the strong production capacity, the company also has a complete set of inspection and implementation equipment, and it is the complete detection means that enable the enterprise to obtain the winning guarantee, more enterprises to explore the potential and expand the scale of escort.

(III) Human Resource Development System:

The company has a perfect human resource recruitment, performance appraisal, career planning system, and tailored for each employee career development.

1. Campus Recruitment: It has established teaching and research bases with ZheJiang University, ZheJiang University of Science and Technology and Jiangnan University. Providing  internship bases for plastic product processing and raw material research.

2. Promotion Assessment: Twice a year; salary adjustment at the end of the year according to the assessment results; 4 promotion opportunities per year;

3. Education and Training: Perfect the training system of various functions, provide rich training for each employee, and improve their ability.

Language Training: Provide Japanese and English training for employees every year;

Professional Training: Continue to carry out SPC, TPM production professional training, sales training

Large-scale Consensus Meeting: Strategy, production and business consensus meeting will be held once a year;

Career Planning: Set up the enterprise university, the orientation test system and make a suitable career planning path for each employee.

4. Social Insurance System: The company provides social insurance and housing fund for each employee.

(IV) The Company's Innovative System

The company has an independent research and development system, including application technology, processing research, material research, has a group of skilled and rigorous work of scientific research personnel, master or above the personnel accounted for more than 50%; Has the first-class work laboratory and the scientific research equipment.

(V) Main Customers Of The Company

The main customers of the company have Ting Hsin International Group (Master. kong), Wei-Chuan group, Dicos, Pepsi etc.

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