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发布时间: 2016 - 07 - 12
发布时间: 2016 - 07 - 12
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1993 - Ting Hsin International Group was established

(Predecessor of HeSheng Company, renamed as HeSheng Company in 2008)

Located in No.52, 11th street, TianJin economic and technological development zone. The mainly produces are plastic forks and plastic caps.


2001 – HangZhou HeSheng department was established

Located in No.29, no.4 road, HangZhou economic and technological development zone. The  mainly produces are plastic forks and plastic caps .


2007 – HangZhou HeSheng blowing bottle branch was established

Acquired the production department of HangZhou Wei-Chuan blowing bottle, and increased the production categories of empty bottles and bottle embryos, etc.;


2008 – HangZhou HeSheng new factory put into use

The new plant is located at No.425 Weiken street, HangZhou economic and technological development zone.


2009 – R&D center established

According to the long-term development plan of the company, the research and development center mainly takes 'application technology, processing research, material research' as the research object, and has the national certified laboratory.


2012 – TianJin HeSheng new factory was put into use

The new factory is located at No. 19, northwest 1st street, west district, T.E.D.A


2013 – HangZhou HeSheng blowing bottle factory was put into use

Use the factory production model and meet the Wei-Chuan ‘s customers needs, moved to the new factory production for Wei-Chuan.


2015—TianJin HeSheng LangFang new bottle blowing factory was put into use

Depend on Wei-Chuan’ s development strategy and use the factory production model. The new factory located at langFang.


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