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发布时间: 2016 - 07 - 12
发布时间: 2016 - 07 - 12
发布时间: 2016 - 07 - 12
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Subordinate company: Hangzhou Hesheng Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

Work place: Xiasha, Hangzhou

Number of recruits: several

Education: College or above

Release time: 2016-05-30

Job Content/Job Description:

1. Implement succession and self-inspection to ensure the output and quality of products.

2. Complete daily maintenance of equipment, 5S, and ensure safe production;

3. Maintenance of equipment breakdown and process adjustment to ensure normal operation of equipment;

4. Implement and implement the relevant provisions of the company on food quality and safety;

5. Comply with the company's rules and regulations and complete other tasks assigned by the supervisor.


Age: over 20 years old, under 40 years old

Education: College or above

Major: Mechanical, Material, Chemical, Packaging, Printing, Mold, Mechatronics, Industrial Engineering, etc.

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